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Rwanda Automobile Club is the national motorsport and mobility authority recognized by the FEDEREATION INTERNATIONAL DE L’AUTOMOBILE for sport and mobility (Article 3.1 of the FIA Statutes) as an affiliate member.

Rwanda Automobile Club, is established and registered under the Rwanda Governance Board, the law governing non-governmental organizations, operating as nonprofit entity. We are a fair, consistent and responsible organization, recognized by the government as the sole national motor sport regulator.

Motorsport is recognized as legitimate sport in Rwanda, the Rwanda Automobile Club is a member of the Rwanda National Olympic Committee and reports directly to the ministry of sports and culture.

Motorsport activities are genuinely wide-ranging sport, welcoming people from all backgrounds and catering for all shapes and sizes, notwithstanding the fact that it is one of the very few sporting activities that allow male and female participants to compete alongside each other in the same competition. There can be little doubt that motor sport occupies a position of significant importance on the international sporting landscape.

Furthermore, at national level, children are welcomed from the age of 12 in some disciplines (much earlier in Karting from year 2016), creating a strong learning platform for skills that will serve young people well in later life - discipline, responsibility, risk management and teamwork, not to mention essential engineering skills.

It is true that the nature of motor sport dictates that a certain level of equipment and apparel will always be required, but in many cases the costs of club level motor sport can be modest.

Motor sport contributes significantly to a nation’s community sport by fostering a sense of social cohesion, a sense of identity, a feeling of belonging and a spirit of equality, and promotes the viability of volunteerism and increased participation as its cornerstone. It is worthy of government support.

Today the Rwanda Automobile Club is in a renaissance era for a nation that was on the edge of the abyss less than 20 years ago, sports in Rwanda serve for more than recreational purposes but as a tool to channel reconciliation. Our club in particular, by running a national championship year in and year out, we bring together thousands of fans in a very unique way.

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