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In 1967, the first Rally in Rwanda was organized by Mr. Faarup and Vandijk in collaboration with the Round Table.

In 1968, the second Rally in Rwanda was organized by the Round Table. The same year, the Impala team organized the 1st Rally of the Rains.

January 23, 1969 sees the birth of the Automobile Club du Rwanda (A.C.R). In June A.C.R and the Round Table organize the 3rd Rwandan Rally, and in November the A.C.R produced the 1st 12 Hours of Butare Rally.

In1970, the 4th Rwandan Rally is organized by the A.C.R and the 2nd 12 Hours of Butare Rally by the Lions Club.

In May 1971, the name Auto-Moto Club of Rwanda (A.M.C.R) appears for the first time and it is A.M.C.R that organizes the 5th Rwandan Rally, whilst the Lions Club of Butare ensures the organization and development of the 3rd 12 Hours of Butare Rally.

Organization by the A.M.C.R continues this way until 1982, when the Club applies as a member of the “Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile” and organizes the 10th Rwandan Rally.

In 1984, during the General Assembly gathered in Paris, the “Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile” pronounces the affiliation A.M.C.R to the F.I.A.

In 1985 the team Luc Requile & Luc Verhulst win the first title of « African Rally Champions » in Rwanda.

In 1986, a new Administrative Counsel is elected and the Rwanda Rally title changes to become the 14th Rallye des 1000 collines.

Since the A.M.C.R. no longer organizes Motorcycle competitions, it is decided during the extraordinary General Assembly of January 9th, 1987, to modify the Club statutes, and it renamed « RWANDA AUTOMOBILE CLUB » in short « R.A.C ».
Year 1987 proving to be full of events, it is also the occasion for the R.A.C. to celebrate the 15th Rallye des 1000 Collines which is also the 1st event in the African Continent Rally Championship of 1987.

The following editions will confirm the success of the Rallye des 1000 Collines in the African Championship! A 1988 fantastic gathering brings together in the starting block in Kigali, the title holders of six countries: Rwanda (André), Burundi (Costa), Zaïre (VDK), Tanzania (Sandhu), Zambia (S.Singh) et Kenya (Rai), as well as three African Champion Pilots: Requille (1985), Sandhu (1987) et Singh (1988, 1989, 1991, 1993, 1996, 1997, 1998, 2000).

In 1997 with the support of Pol Hendrickx the R.A.C. activities are given new life and the rally of the reconciliation is organized, it meets with great success, a new committee is put in place, and the Great Lakes Rally is reborn!

In 1999, the 1st Fraternity Rally is organized in collaboration with the Ugandan Club. The start is given in Kampala and the final stage reaches Kigali, this under the supervision of an FIA delegation who, at the end of the Rally, agrees to the return of Rwanda to the African Championship.

In 2000, national Champions are Pilot Elefter Mitraros and Navigator Bernadette Van den Steen-Mitraros.

In 2001, the will and perseverance of the new Committee is recognized by His Excellency the President of the Republic of Rwanda, Mr. Paul KAGAME, who gives his High Patronage to the 3rd edition of the « Fraternity Rally ». The South African teams Burger-Swannepoel win the event and the FIA title of African Rally Champion in Rwanda, and completes the success of the event.

In 2002, still under the patronage His Excellency the President of the Republic of Rwanda, Mr. Paul KAGAME, the Fraternity Rally is renamed Rwanda Mountain Gorilla Rally –5th event in the FIA African Championship 2003.

25 cars at the start of this Rally. Never a Rwandan rally has known such a success with number of participants! Other than the Rwandan teams, several foreign teams from Belgium, South Africa, Zambia, Kenya and Burundi participate in this Rally.

The Rwanda Mountain Gorilla Rally is won by the South African team Gemmel - Paisley with their Subaru Impreza. At the level of the National Championship, and after a hard fight till the last Rally of the season between several teams, the Rwandan Rally Champions 2002 are once again Pilot Elefter Mitraros and for the first time Nicolas Mitraros, Navigator to Tony Saegerman.

2003, the 2nd Rwanda Mountain Gorilla Rally funded by Total is won once again by a South African team (Rueda – Botha on Mitsubishi Lancer Evo6) who on the Rwandan roads also claim the title of FIA African Rally Champion 2003.

Whereas the National Championship has the honor of a 100 % female team: Nathalie Cox et Sylvia Vindevogel on their Toyota Corolla 16S who are Rwanda Rally Champions 2003.

2004, the « stronger gender » reacts and imposes itself once more. With 5 victories over 6 Rallies, Tony Saegerman wins for the first time the Rwanda Rally Championship at the wheel of his Toyota Celica 4WD. His Navigator Nicolas Mitraros is Rwanda Champion for the second time.

Finally our country is honored! The team Burundian (Rudy Canthanede) – Rwandan (David Israel) on Mitsubishi Lancer Evo3 clearly claims the 3rd Rwanda Mountain Gorilla Rally edition 2004.

In 2005, it is once gain Elefter Mitraros who is acclaimed National Champion, lifting his « little » Peugeots 106 and 205, to the top, after a most constant season, without a single drop out in 7 Rallies.

On the Navigator side, a year to remember in the history of the Club and the events. For the first time since 1967, a Rwandan competitor claims the Navigator’s Rwandan Rally Championship title. Honor to Eric Nzamwita but also to his Pilot Said Twizeyimana who enabled him to win this title.

The 4th edition of the Rwanda Mountain
Gorilla Rally is won by the Ugandan team
Riyaz Kurji - Sayed Kadri on Subaru Impreza.

The FIA African Rally Championship is won for the second consecutive time by the Zambians Muna Singh and David Sihoka also on Subaru impreza.

Since 2006 to our days, the Rallies in Rwanda have become mainly a history between Mitsubishi and Subaru with Subaru gaining the last 3 years championship with Rudy Cantanhede in 2006 and 2007 and Giancarlo Davite this last season in 2008.


In 2006 and 2007, RAC organized 2 editions of the Rwanda Mountain Gorilla Rally which have been remain in the memory of all competitors especially the foreigners as the on of the best event of the FIA Rally African Championship.

“Le Rallye des 1000 Collines” was the last event of the past season championship. The Rally received also another nomination “Irushanwa” which means in Kinyarwanda “Competition”. For this rally the organizer invented a new formula of rallying by putting the different sponsors of the rally in competition one each other.

Each sponsor received a team of 2 or 3 rally cars and the cars were scoring points for their team and sponsor and a special challenge called the “Irushanwa Challenge” had to be win at the end of the rally. This created a very big enthusiasm among sponsors and competitors and the formula was definitely appreciated by everybody. It created a race in the race with a very positive spirit of fighting and fairplay.

2009 – A Huge event took place from 18th to 20th September the RAC was a candidate in Africa rally championship, the same event was the final of the PIRELLI STAR DRIVER (PSD) and the KCB EAST AFRICA RALLY CHALLENGE (KCB EARC).

Giancarlo Davite and Syllivia Vindevogel won the KCBRWANDA MOUNTAIN GORILLA RALLY and the KCB EARC and Peter Horsey won the PSD and for the second time consecutively Giancarlo Davite won the Rwanda national rally championship 2009 and Guy Dekelver won the Rwanda national rally championship 2009 for navigator.

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