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Manvir taking ARC title chase cautiously


Manvir Baryan could be headed for the African rally title ; but not in a haste he says.

The ARC title leader goes to the penultimate round in Rwanda with one goal ; drive to finish.

“The aim for Rwanda is definitely to focus mainly on finishing on top of the ARC podium not necessarily the rally overall podium like in the previous rounds,” he asserted.

Baryan is twelve points ahead of Zambia’s Leroy Gomes with two rounds to go. But Baryan knows too well how vital Mountain Gorilla Rally is to his title chase.

“This round of the championship is key and the championship can be lost very easily and besides, the points difference is very small.

“Had the points structure been what is being introduced next year, then it would be totally a different approach ; to go for a win,” he said.

Baryan and co-driver Drew Sturrock have only participated in three of five ARC events this year. He finished third on ARC in the Kenya Safari Rally before he hit a double victory in Uganda and Tanzania.
His pace, preparations, and the choice of car ; Skoda Fabia R5 have pushed him way to the top.

Baryan will be making his debut in the Mountain Gorilla Rally.

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