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“Great event it was. I was second behind the plane (Skoda)” says Davite


Giancarlo Davite believes his performance in the Rwanda Rally was truly up to his expectations.

Davite was racing in Rwanda for the first time in more that two years.

Along with co-driver Sylvia Vindevogel, the crew started the rally in fourth position on Friday.

By the end of the first stage, Davite was in second position ; a position he managed to hold on to the end.

“Great event it was. I was second behind the plane (Skoda), we could not fly to Manvir’s level but we kept on pushing to our best,” he said.

The Belgian equally had much to smile about after sharing a stage win with eventual winner Baryan.

Davite finished second overall with 4minutes, 31seconds behind.

“We are so much satisfied with the finish, second podium since our return. I am now even more motivated to take on the remaining ARC event in Zambia,” said excited Davite.

It was the second event for Davite after two years of his forced rally sabbatical and also the first appearance in Rwanda rally. He raced on a Belgian license.

Davite collected 18 points to take his tally to 33 points on ARC standings.

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