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About Us

About us

The Rwanda Mountain Gorilla Rally is an international motorsport racing event and is part of the only six recognized racing events that make up the African Rally championships. The event is attended by drivers from all over Africa, such as; Ivory Coast, Zambia, South Africa, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, and those from Europe, including Belgium and many more.


The Rwanda Mountain Gorilla Rally is an annual event that has been taking place since 1999, it was then called the Fraternity Rally and was a cross-border rally, starting from Uganda and ending in Rwanda. The event later rebranded to what is now known as the Rwanda Mountain Gorilla Rally.


Brought to you by RAC(Rwanda Automobile Club). The Rwanda Automobile Club has been hosting the Rwanda Mountain Gorilla rally, one of the six international events that make up the African Rally Championship for 14 years now and the growth of this event over the years has been nothing short of a pure success.


Rwanda Mountain Gorilla Rally has hosted some of the most talented drivers from both Africa and other continents over the years. Players such as, Baryan Manvir, Bukera Valery, Khetia Nital, Piero Cannobio, to mention a few.